Sewer Scope Scan

What is Sewer Scope?

At EasyCAM LLC, our full range of sewer scope cameras represents a comprehensive solution for diagnosing networks in plumbing applications and general conservation of sewage networks. We offer technologically advanced systems, from different versions of pushrod cameras, to robotic or remote cameras, manual push systems, and non-invasive, scope inspection systems for sewer pipes.

EasyCAM LLC guarantees professional after sales support and repair services. Sewer networks are structures made of pipes that operate at atmospheric pressure. These channels, usually buried underground, can be very hard to navigate with all the circular sections, T joints, and the like. Sewer inspection cameras need to be able to advance inside the pipes in a self-propelled manner because sewers can often go several dozen feet between openings.

What is Sewer Scan?

We have different sewer scan systems composed of various types of cameras purpose built for sewer inspections, incorporating some of the most advanced technology available. A network inspection team gives us a perfect visualization of the state of the pipes, photographs of the actual damage, and generates a complete report on sanitation. With our advanced sewer inspection cameras, faults and breakages can be countered before they become a problem, reducing costs, and keeping the sewers in good condition.

Mechanized vehicles carry out cleaning operations using hydrodynamic breakage and drag systems equipped with inspection and monitoring equipment to visually navigate and check the network, without the technician having to go down the pipes. Robot milling is a relatively new, adaptive technology that can help identify and fix problems without ever having to actually dig the pipes up, reducing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

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