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Sewer Camera Manufacturer Comparison

Rigid Sewer CameraRidgid Sewer Camera

Ridgid Seesnake offers comparable features to EasyCAM. The main difference is that  Ridgid Seesnake operates  with only a Ridgid monitor. There are 5 Ridgid sewer camera monitors to select from. Ridgid Seesnake has a color camera, LED lights, transmitter, monitor and recording capabilities that are powered by the  combination power supply unit and Ridgid monitor. After the 2 year warranty period lapses the monitors replacement cost could be as much as $2800.

EasyCAM is equipped with an owner replaceable monitor that  is only a fraction of the Ridgid’s monitors cost. EasyCAM supplies a 2nd RCA video jack so the operator has the freedom to use any off the shelf monitor . No special monitor is needed. The purchase price and repair costs of a  Ridgid Seesnake is at least twice the cost of EasyCAM. EasyCAM is the better choice over Ridgid Seesnake.

General Sewer Camera

The General Gen-Eye offers 200 feet of push rod, a color camera, 512 HZ transmitter, and recording capabilities. The General Gen-Eye operates with a GL-500 Gen-Eye command center. The General  Gen-EYE system only works with the Gen-Eye Command center.  If repair is needed, the complete General Gen-Eye system is not operational until the  Gen-Eye Command Center is repaired by an authorizes repair center. Unlike the General sewer camera, EasyCAM allows the owner to use any off the shelf monitor in case of an emergency. EasyCAM is equipped with a second  RCA video jack. EasyCAM will also work with a standard laptop. Software is needed at an approximate cost of $69.00 for laptop use. The General Gen-Eye sewer camera uses the same basic design as other sewer cameras systems. EasyCAM is different. EasyCAM provides for fast and easy repairs because of our unique modular design.

Did you know that…

The EasyCAM push rod is custom designed to the highest standards. It is very strong yet flexible, and because of a very low friction jacket it glides down even the roughest of pipes with very little drag. Using a custom molding process to join the terminal ends to our push rod makes it so that it becomes an owner replaceable assembly, including the complete locking sleeve.


The Mytana “Professional” sewer camera is similar to Ridgid Seesnake and General Gen-Eye approach to camera design. All of these systems have two devices that work to supply you with a quality color image that is recordable. I believe  the Mytana, Ridgid Seesnake and General Gen-Eye designs are less appealing than having one complete unit such as EasyCAM. EasyCAM furnishes an on board 8 inch color monitor and has a built in second RCA video jack for emergency use. There is no need to buy a camera system such as Mytana, Ridgid or general when EasyCAM offers such a stark choice. Ridgid, Mytana and General cameras are more expensive to purchase and much more expensive to repair. Unlike Ridgid, General and Mytana, EasyCAM is built by a plumber.

Ratech Sewer Inspection Systems

Ratech Sewer Inspection Systems are different in their design approach than Ridgid, General Gen-Eye and Mytana camera systems. Ratech offers a self contained sewer camera in the Ratech Mini Peek. The advantage EasyCAM has over Ratech is the ease of repair. Ratech is located in Canada but does offer repair facilities in the US. EasyCAM offers a two day delivery time on needed repair parts which can be easily installed by the owner. Unlike Ridgid, General, Mytana or Ratech. EasyCAM is the only sewer camera manufacturer that is designed by a plumber from a plumbers point of view.

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