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Plumber’s EasyCAM Experience: Olin Plumbing

Derek Olin owner of Olin Plumbing, Inc of Tampa, FL frequently had a hard time convincing skeptical customers that an expensive lateral-line fix was necessary to solve their drain blockage problems.

The prospects of a $4,000 to $5,000 repair job will that to Joe and Jane Homeowner.

Olin recently purchased an EasyCAM sewer camera to help potential customers to understand and “see for themselves” just why this expensive sewer repair was needed. When customers looked in their pipes through the EasyCAM sewer camera and monitor, they quickly understood and the financial barrier disappeared.

EasyCAM sewer cameras bring two old clichés new life: “Seeing is believing” and “time is money”.

Seeing Is Believing

“Before I bought the EasyCAM sewer camera, I pretty much left everything up to my 43 years of experience in the field” says Olin, “but in terms of selling jobs, it’s much better if you can take the homeowner by the hand and show them the problem.”

Time Is Money

Most sewer cameras that Olin has worked with over the years required setup and tear down time. The portable, compact and lightweight EasyCAM sewer camera resolves this time factor issue.

“Instead of spending 20 or 30 minutes unpacking a camera system and assembling components, I just take if off my truck, roll it over to the hole and start working” explains Olin.

Don’t take our word for it, take Derek’s, rent or purchase an EasyCAM sewer camera for your business and start saving time and let our sewer camera help you sell more jobs!