The Industry's Only Owner Serviceable Sewer Camera!

Let EasyCAM Help Grow Your Business

Can a sewer camera help grow your plumbing business?

Derek Olin owner of Olin Plumbing, Inc of Tampa, FL says emphatically YES!!

EasyCAM sewer camera has “definitely helped me grow the company” says Derek. He went of to say “I can’t emphasize enough how easy it is to use … it’s so much less labor intensive. I’d say it paid for itself after just one month.”

The unit’s ability to record inspections to various media also provides benefits.

Olin recounted an out-of-state customer’s sewer problem was easily and quickly explained when he recorded an inspection and uploaded the video to YouTube, where the client could easily view it. “EasyCAM sewer camera bridge thousands of miles in literally minutes”.

EasyCAM sewer camera has been an invaluable tool in growing Derek’s plumbing business. Gone are the days of 30 minute sewer camera setups, making each job more efficient and less setup time boosts profits and cash flow. Olin has noticed a shift in commercial customers noting most will not hire a plumbing contractor unless they can use a sewer camera to check the line. He can see a day when a plumbing company may never have another commercial customer without a sewer camera on their truck.

Time Is Money.

Most sewer cameras that Olin has worked with over the years required setup and tear down time. The portable, compact and lightweight EasyCAM sewer camera resolves this time factor issue.

“Instead of spending 20 or 30 minutes unpacking a camera system and assembling components, I just take if off my truck, roll it over to the hole and start working” explains Olin.

Don’t take our word for it, take Derek’s, rent or purchase an EasyCAM sewer camera for your business and start saving time and let our sewer camera help you sell more jobs!