Plumbers Camera: Plumber to Plumber: In My Opinion

If You Own a Sewer Camera (Plumbers Camera), Use it Daily

Rick JoyYour plumbers camera does not make you money sitting in your truck. I suggest using your camera on every drain you clean at no charge to the customer. Why? Because we found 20% of the time a repair or replacement of the sewer is needed.

Someone will need to do that work! Why not you?

Hint: Always invite the customer to watch the plumbers camera inspection with you. The customer has probably never seen a drain inspection.  I assure you they think your camera technology is amazing. Do you remember the first time you saw a sewer camera demo? You probably thought it was cool. Your customer is thinking the same thing.

Suggestions on How to Proceed

plumbers cameraFirst, keep your equipment clean. Most of your customers are female. It should be no surprise that ladies do not want anything to do with sewers. Keeping your equipment and work areas clean increase your chance of the customer watching the inspection with you.

Take the time to educate them to what they are seeing. During the inspection, if the pipe checks out to be normal, you have just spent 20 minutes of your time building trust with your customer and drastically increasing your chance of making that customer…..a customer for life! Time well spent. Keeping a good customer is a lot cheaper than finding a new one.

If an abnormality is found within the sewer system, the customer can see it on the monitor. The customer is not stupid, she sees that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. You will most likely be allowed to do the needed work.

Hint: Find a good third party finance company. There are many to choose from. By offering financing, the pressure of (out of pocket) expense is taken away from the customer. Offer financing increases profits. Payment plans are available to suit your customer’s needs.

Offer a lifetime warranty. Do the work correctly, you won’t have any issues. Close the Sale.

One Year Guarantee on Sewer Cleaning

Before we start let me explain how a one year guarantee works. The company agrees to return only one time during the guarantee period. Only once!

Let’s pretend Company A snakes out a sewer line and finds roots. He clears the customer’s problem temporarily. He mentions that a repair is needed, collects his fee and drives off. No guarantee given.

We all know another blockage will occur once the roots grow back.

The customer has no reason to call back Company A because no guarantee was given. The customer then calls Company B for another opinion. They report roots are growing in the pipe and it needs to be repaired.

Company B gives the exact same information that Company A gave about 30 days prior.

Company B basically walked into a profitable job, compliments of Company A. The customer is now convinced that the repair is needed.

If Company A gave the customer a guarantee they would have been given a second opportunity to get the job. There is no rule that a second opinion must come from a second company.

It has been my experience that a customer sometimes needs to be told twice before a decision is made.

  1. Use a Plumbers Camera, Buy an EasyCAM!
  2. Offer a One Year Guarantee, It’s Not Crazy!
  3. Increase Revenue by 20%!

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