The Industry's Only Owner Serviceable Sewer Camera!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked question we get about the EasyCAM Sewer Camera systems.

EasyCAM is the original. We were the first Company to manufacture a sewer inspection camera that was designed utilizing modular components. We manufacture each separate component to simply plug into one another.
EasyCAM is a common sense approach to the problems of downtime and expensive labor costs. Our design is a simple solution which solves the issues which have plagued the camera industry for years.

I believe that the two cameras have the same goals in respect to quality and features. But, in our opinion, EasyCAM is a much better value… especially if you consider the repair costs associated with camera ownership. Until EasyCAM, it was not unusual to spend thousands of dollars on repairs with other camera systems.

EasyCAM comes complete with a monitor. If your monitor gets stolen or simply breaks on a job you can easily buy a replacement locally. The choices of video selection are vast. A standard RCA video jack is all that’s needed. This is another example of how EasyCAM saves you money. There is no need to place an order for a specific monitor and wait for it to be delivered.

Honestly, it came from a majority of our past customers when they first learned about the EasyCAM unique and clever design. I once heard from a customer, “If I had to design the perfect camera for a plumber, EasyCAM would be it. It really does just make sense”.

We warrant EasyCAM products to the original purchaser to be free from defects and workmanship for two full years. Period.

Since 2007 EasyCAM has manufactured high quality sewer inspection cameras for the plumbing industry, quickly becoming recognized as the highest quality solution for plumbing inspection equipment… We think common sense has a lot to do with our success.